Saturday, 17 November 2012

Why I'm a grown-up

Sometimes I randomly realise that I'm a fully fledged grown-up, and it frightens me a little bit.

A list of my grown-up behaviours-

  • I bleach the toilet every day. Sometimes so much that the bleach will burn the throats of people nearby.
  • I have a mortgage-this terrifies me. Most people my age are still going to Ibiza 3 times a year and drinking Jaeger Bombs on a Tuesday  night.
  • I buy fruit and vegetables and consume them. Because I know I should. I also frequently force my boyfriend to eat them too. I pretty much chase him round the house with a bag of apples. My brother describes me as a "Jewish mother", but with fruit.
  • I change our bed sheets once a week, and wash them on a hot wash to kill any germs. I know people who only wash their sheets twice a year.
  • People that only wash their sheets twice a year disgust me. 
  • I empty the lint filter on our tumble dryer every time I use it. In case there's a fire. Or my mum comes to check.
  • I have worked in the same job for 7 years. 7!!!
  • I look back at things I do when I was a teenager and shudder at how I took so many risks, then think, "When I have children I'll never allow them to..."
  • I worry about the fact that I don't have a pension.
So, not a lengthy list, but a pretty extensive one considering my age. Most people would see these as positives, I just view them as proof that I am getting old. 

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